The Path-PC

Game Details: The Path-PC
Developer: Tale of Tales
Publisher: Tale of Tales
Platform: PC
Release Date: March 18, 2009
Genre: Adventure
About the Game:
The Path is a relatively short horror-adventure game with intentional slow pacing. Gameplay stresses exploration, discovery, narrative, and even introspection by the player and the player’s character.

There is one rule in the game. And it needs to be broken.
There is one goal. And when you attain it, you die.
Six sisters live in an apartment in the city. One by one their mother sends them on an errand to their grandmother, who is sick and bedridden. The teenagers are instructed to go to grandmother’s house deep in the forest and, by all means, to stay on the path! Wolves are hiding in the woods, just waiting for little girls to stray.

System Requirements:

Windows XP or Vista
2 Ghz CPU
Recent Radeon or Geforce videocard of x6xx type (no integrated graphics)

Download Info:
File Type: .rar = .bin File Size: 249.62 MB

The Path for PC

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